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e-Learning Lab: Center for User Driven Innovation, Learning and Design

established by the project Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Methods, which is a project connected to The Digital North Denmark. The object of e-Learning Lab is to support development and use of e-learning regionally and internationally.

The aim is to create a dynamic research, development, and resource centre that gathers and contributes to development of the most recent knowledge within this field through participation in regional, national, and international collaborations.

The center has four core activities:

  • Experiments and support
  • Sparring and participatory research
  • Basic research
  • Promotion of research and knowledge

It is characterized by an experimental approach. The laboratory is to contribute to development of new knowledge and new solutions in correlation with the users. The approach is interdisciplinary, and it draws upon theory and methods from pedagogy, technology, organization, and design.

Research in e-Learning Lab is based on the concept of user-driven innovation. The purpose of working with user-driven innovation is to bring reason into design through a user-innovated design language. This entails tools, standards and methods derived from observation of user invention and practice. User-driven innovation is motivated by the principle of inclusiveness, where the smallest unit of research includes both the researcher and the user and their needs and situations. e-Learning Lab works with concrete IT implementations within different educational environments, and also with establishment of a research, development, and knowledge centre within e-learning.

One of eLL’s domains is the emerging research field of ICT for Development. Our ICT4D activities are primarily dealing with educational technology, learning about ICT and learning through ICT. By development we mean human capacity building, which we see as the foundation for societal and economic development. At present, we are engaged in ongoing research in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Bhutan); Latin America (Costa Rica); and we have started building relations in Africa (notably Egypt and Ghana).




e-Learning Lab
Department of Communication and Psychology
Aalborg University



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