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Ulla Konnerup (PhD candidate) visiting researcher at Stanford University

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As a part of her PhD project, Ulla Konnerup is a visiting researcher at H-star at Stanford University, from September til December 2012. Her research explores how interaction in immersive virtual worlds (IVW) might contribute to the reconstruction of communication competencies among people suffering from aphasia after a brain injury. By transforming the rehabilitation landscape into an immersive virtual environment with multimodal ways of communication, social interactions and an involvement of the body and nonverbal activities, the reestablishing of the brain may process positively and promote cognitive and communicative functions. During her visit at H-STAR, the focus is on the bodily immersion and interaction through avatar mediation and how this representation of the self might contribute to recreation of the self and communication competencies after a brain injury.

Ulla Konnerup is hosted by Jeremy Bailenson from the Department of Communication and follows his research group at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Since Ulla Konnerup also is affiliated to the master’s programme in ICT and Learning at Aalborg University, she is excited to have the opportunity to join the course, Educ 403x, which is a part of the Education’s Digital Future initiative at Stanford University.

All in all, Ulla Konnerup is having a very inspiring stay at Standford University, where she is meeting new research partners and getting to know more about some of the research projects at Stanford University.

Her stay is partly funded by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.


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