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Presenting the use of personas in the eGov+ project at PDC 2012

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Tom Nyvang and Pär-Ola Zander reported their reflections of a few years of use of personas in the eGov+ project at the PDC 2012. It is the premier conference for participatory design in the world and hosts a lively community.

The paper was co-written by Tom, Pär-Ola, Ellen and Susanne Bødker from Aarhus University. The work underlying the paper was created by a number of people from Aarhus University and Aalborg University. Also other eLLs have participated in this sense, notably Kristina Rasmussen and Anne-Marie Kanstrup. The latter also gave an appreciated talk at the same session.

Farzana Akhter also attended the conference in the doctoral consortium, getting some valuable feedback from the famous Lucy Suchman, long-time member and one of the leaders at the PDC community.

The proceedings of PDC can be found at: http://pdcproceedings.org/

Should you want to see the presentation and discussions of personas or other sessions, they are all online here (we are under users’ roles): http://pdc2012.org/video.html

The next PDC is in Namibia…We will try to go there!

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