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Time planning and work pleasure

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On a design workshop in eLL’s Design Lab on June 26, 2012, several eLLs helped me to work out a design of artifacts for materializing my work.  It is now implemented and can be seen on my desktop: For pleasure i do three things: I write, I read and I try out stuff.
Three small boxes are available + wool’en bullits red, green and blue to put in the designated box, whenever I have devoted a substantial amount of time to one of these pleasures.
For work I do a lot of things, the labels of which I have now boxed in identical box-sets for in-going and out-going. I put small post-its in the in-going box set, and move them to the out-going box set whenever they are done. Time will show if this system fullfils the brief of ” work as a learning proces: Make my desktop mirror what I work with, how far I am, and what I have to do next”

By Ellen Christiansen

better look at the setup

better look at the setup


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